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Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's a dirty job....

but somebody's gotta do it. The girls have been wanting to dig in the dirt for awhile now. While playing out back, Mommy said they could. She knew they needed a bath anyway and really... how dirty could they get?! Well, Mommy never expected they would be this dirty. She had to clean the bathtub out twice to get all the dirt off of them and out of their hair. It was pretty funny though and they had an absolute blast.

Reece thought it was important to dump scoop fulls of dirt over her head. Repeatedly....
Showing Mommy the stick she found.....
My little dirty girl..... in a white t shirt no less...
Mommy had fun watching them and Reece still has dirt coming out of her ears.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Always fun to finger paint with.... never fun to get washed up after......

A little bike action

This week we have been playing out back more and more. Cailey is getting really good at peddling all her bikes. The little car, Granny picked it up at a yard sale a year or two ago, has always been a challenge. She has mastered it now and has been trying to teach Reece how to do it too. Little Stinker
Look at all her hair! I cannot believe she has so much and its so much thicker than Cailey's is, even now. She will soon have more hair than her big sister.
Cutie big girl......
Just because Cailey tries to teach her how to use the car, it doesn't mean she picked it up at all. She just sits in it or stands up inside it and walks around pushing it. No peddling just yet.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. It has been about a week since I have had the chance to sit at the computer and do things blog related. It was actually hectic and relaxing all at the same time.

2. Our bathroom is now tiled! Marble and tile and they look beautiful together.

3. Mommy had another interview. The competition was pretty stiff. Once in the interview, it felt like they already knew who they wanted to promote.... and they were just going through the motions. It was a good opportunity, however and it was nice to get a chance to talk one on one with the supervisors.

4. Today we went to our last library class on tuesday. Cailey loves going for the crafts so we may have to squeeze it in on another day. Ballet starts next week and we can't wait to see how it goes. We still may go to Monday library class.

5. Daddy leaves for Vegas this Friday. It's boys weekend at frozen fury. Kings VS Avalanche. That means Girls weekend and a charity walk for Mommy's work for the girls left here.

6. Mommy has been working on a Halloween art project and hope it turns out well... cross your fingers.

7. This is the final month I pay on the Tahoe. Yay!

8. Uncle Brandon arrives in California on Friday. The girls will go with Grandma to pick him up at the airport and they will get to spend Saturday with him. It will be good to see him. I think he is going to love seeing us too.

9. So much for decorating for Fall last week. This week has had triple digit, record breaking temperatures. Thank goodness for some cloud cover today, bringing the temp to 87 degrees. I am so ready for fall and everything that comes with it.

10. Reece is getting a big girl bed for Christmas. I can't believe its time for her to get a big girl bed. We have ordered it and just have to pick it up. The bedding has also been ordered. Baby girl will have a whole new big girl room.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Footed Pajamas

Its been getting cooler at night here and Reece's room sticks out from the rest of our house, making it more susceptible to changes in the weather and weather extremes. Since I know her room gets colder in the winter, I decided to put her in footed pajamas last night after her bath. She got out of her room to the tile and sat down and said "feet". I told her it was ok and it was to keep her feet warm. She cried, not liking her feet in footed pajamas. Mommy just walked away and she soon got over it and followed.

Griffith Park, Part 3 - The Merry Go Round

After everything, our last stop was the Merry Go Round. It has been in Griffith Park for many years. It is so old the colors have come off most of it. The horses are just different shades of brown wood and boy does it go fast! Next trip we still have to hit the LA Zoo (even though San Diego has the real zoo), the Autry museum, and the pony rides.
"Flying" while Daddy gets carousel tickets.
All ready to go in circles!
They loved it and went twice
Daddy running down the stairs, back to the car. It was a nice end, to a nice day. After Griffith Park we went to the Boat for dinner and then home.

Griffith Park, Part 2 - The Observatory

Just across from the observatory is the Hollywood sign. A little bit of a hazy day....

When Daddy worked for DBM Hatch, the Observatory was undergoing renovations. It was closed to the public and completely torn apart. They added a whole new underground theater and learning center. Replicas of each planet hang from the ceiling and are sized in reference to each other.
Great astronomy minds
The sundial. The plaque on the bottom tells you that the shadow cast by the sun hitting the wire, tells the time on the ring.
Cailey standing in the suns location. The orbits of the planets around it are carved into the ground and marked with plaques.
Leaning against a stone pillar. Most stone pieces were taken out by DBM and restored and then put back during the remodel.
The Pendulum. It swings back and forth knocking over the little metal pieces on the floor.
It hangs from the hole in the DaVinci like ceiling.
In another room, the ceiling is covered with constellations.
Infrared cameras.....
Buckles.... the girl is fascinated.
Here is earth... it hangs in order with all the other planets in the new lower level.
And Jupiter in relation. Below each planet are facts and interactive activities to teach about each. Example: Pluto is not a planet because it only meets two of the three classifications of a planet and it goes on to explain in detail.
Mommy was impressed by the observatory and couldn't believe she had never been here before. We will definitely be taking the girls back when they are older and will learn from all it has to offer.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Griffith Park, Part 1 - Travel Town

Mommy was so lucky to get another Saturday off. We decided to do something that Daddy did as a kid but Mommy had never done. Growing up in Corona, a long way from Los Angeles, she had never been to Griffith Park. There is so much to do there for free. Travel Town was our first stop. There were a lot of birthday parties going on and it was a beautiful day.
All Reece wanted to do was push that stroller everywhere. She pushed it a majority of the day.
Twirling in the grass
Waiting to ride the little train.......
Playing with the train table, this little girl wanted to play with Reece but every time she touched what Reece had, Reece yelled "NO!" at her..... gotta keep working on that sharing.
Watching the little model train go round and round. It has been running for 30 years and is currently undergoing a remodel. It is only open for viewing a few hours on the weekends.
Running up and down a train car. I think the girls could have stayed here all day.

Love her little reflection
Reece made friends with this little boy and guy sitting on the tracks. His truck cycled out rocks. We all know how much Reece loves to play with rocks. She was in heaven putting rocks in his truck. He was a very nice little boy and just let her play with him.
Trying to push the stroller on the tracks