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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reece starts Preschool

I can't believe that after today, there are no true babies in this house.  Reece started preschool and will be going to Cherry Valley Brethren, just like Cailey did.  She will go three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Her teacher is Miss Crystal.  She was a little more nervous than Cailey was. 

 Grandma and Reece

 Daddy and his baby girl

 Mommy and her little one.

  The whole family.

 So ready for school.  Pretty big girl.

 Pictures at school.  They just painted the school and the preschool sign wasn't put on the wall yet so by the fountain would have to work.

 By her basket.  We know she will have the best first day.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Iphone dump 2013 #2

Here are all our summer Iphone pictures!  
The Monsters University Screening with Aunt Stacys work.
Knotts with family

The ring that came out of my candle was wrapped in that ball of mess.

Park playing

We went over to Brooklyns house and went on the slip and slide.

Waiting for 4th of July fireworks

Trying to get football tickets..... No luck.

A sleepover!

Driving up to Kernville to camp for a few days

The beach.......

Babysitting our cousins

Going to see Turbo

Back to school hair cuts!
Ballet starts again!

Back to school