2 of us, 2 girls, 2 dogs and a birds

Monday, February 28, 2011

The San Diego Zoo

On Sunday, our baby turned 2! I cannot believe she is two already. She is growing so fast and learning and talking so much. For Cailey's second birthday, we took her to Disneyland for the first time. It was also Reece's first time, at 6 weeks old. For her second birthday, we decided to take her to the San Diego Zoo because she hadn't been yet and knew it would be a big hit with her.
All Reece wanted to do most of the day was push the strollers everywhere. She ran into everyone and everything in her path.
With Papa and Grandma on her second birthday.
Looking for monkeys with sissy.
There he is!
Looking for monkeys with Daddy
This became Reece's fast friend. He didn't mind her chasing him and got really close to everyone.
Silly Gorillas!
The girls and their entourage.
He was responding to the trainer standing in front of the window.
How come when one smiles.............
the other one doesn't......?
Reaction to the foot massage
Counting all the ropes.... got all the way to fourteen!
Panda Bear!
Riding the bus
Waiting in line to feed the giraffes.
Such beautiful animals
Reece fed him the first one. This kid has no fear. But after the tongue came out and he took the cookie, she jumped and didn't want to feed him anymore. But she watched as Daddy did and repeated that the giraffe had kissed her.
Papa also got in on the feeding action.
Playing hide and seek in the play area by the elephants
Hugging the eagle.
Sisterly love.
See the pretty kitty? He was fishing and it was so neat to watch.
Hugging the elephant statue
Aww baby elephant. This girl loves elephants.
Crawling through the polar bear caves.
Finally crashed! She was up at 5 am.Grandma got her ice cream while Reece was sleeping.
See the baby hippo?
Freezing on the sky bucket...
Reece's favorite part: the petting zoo. She is crazy about animals.
Posing for pictures for Granny, little ham.
Feeding the goats
This goat was rubbing up and down this bristle brush, just like our dog Tank does up and down our couch.
Overall it was a packed day and we were at the zoo from open until close. The girls had a blast and were so good. It was a successful birthday trip. We love you Reecie girl and cannot believe you are two already!