2 of us, 2 girls, 2 dogs and a birds

Saturday, February 23, 2013

the BIG manatee

When Reece was asked what she would like for her birthday this year she would only reply, a manatee.  Well Papa and Grandma in Texas bought her the book "I am a manatee" along with a huge manatee.  She loves to cuddle up to it to sleep, its almost as long as she is!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A miniature adventure

On our way home from lunch, we decided our family day was not over yet.  We stopped at Castle Park and took the kids miniature golfing for the first time.  They had so much fun learning and trying to hit the ball into the correct spot.  

Pretend City

On a day off, we took the girls to Pretend City in Irvine.  We thought it would be neat to see, since we had never been there.  It ended up being similar to a museum we took them to a few years earlier, just on a larger scale.  At the entrance to pretend city, you got your time card to punch once you completed all your jobs.  We invited Aunt Stacy, Granny, Cheyenne and Kristen to join us.  
 The first stop was the post office to write a letter.

 Next they were police girls patrolling the city.

 After that, we all hit the grocery store.

 Even Kristen got play time in.

 Next up, fire girls!

 Then it was time for water play.

 After that, the dentist!

 After the dentist, the girls pretended to run their own restaurant.

 We made some music.
 The boss told us how to ride.

All in all it was a good start to the day.  Uncle Gordon met us for lunch since he was working in the nearby area after.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our Super Bowl

The picture below is the only one I got of anything on Super Bowl Sunday.  We went over to the Criswell house to watch the game. The adults just relaxed and watched the game while the kiddos ran wild.  Hunter, Paige, Cailey and Reece had a blast playing together.  We look forward to doing it again soon.