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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Monique and Merritt get married!

Kevin's cousin got married in a traditional catholic ceremony in Pasadena.  The church and service were absolutely beautiful!







 Here comes the bride!




 All the little maids, in their beautiful dresses. 



 It was a long ceremony, but the kids handled it well.

 Bride and groom, sisters, parents... love this.



 A bunch of the kiddos 
 Praying over the new married couple. 


 Little monkies..... 


  The faces of a two year old Kristen. 



 The beautiful details
 The genius kids table.

 Baby Peyton.  Such a beautiful baby girl.
 Ethan showing everyone how to play.

  The beautiful broach bouquet. 

 The bride and grooms table 
 The new Mr. and Mrs. Kirchoffer! 


 I love this! Such big smiles.