2 of us, 2 girls, 2 dogs and a birds

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Birthday

For my birthday, Uncle Brandon came out from Missouri so we all got together for a family dinner. Kevin, my mom, Brandon, Cailey, Reece, Sandy, Stacy, Gordon, Chase, Wyatt, Cheyenne, Ron, Tina and I all went to Sayaka and took two grills to make our dinner. Watching the fire and smoke.
Pictures with Uncle Brandon!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


on a stick.....

A taste of Summer

One afternoon, it was getting hot and we asked Brooklyn to come over and go in the sprinklers with us. It was pretty funny because the girls wouldn't go near the sprinkler while it was on. Dustin would turn it off, they would go up to it to check it out and then Dustin would turn the sprinkler on. Pretty funny. The sprinkler game got old fast so the girls thought playing in the water in the gutter would be better.... Eww.Little buddies....

A park playdate

One day after work, Shannon called me and asked if we wanted to meet at the park. It was a beautiful day so the girls and I headed over to meet her and Brooklyn to play. They had such a good time running all over the place.Brooklyn was using this as a slide. Silly girl.
The little ones were under the slide, kind of like a fort. They were laughing and having a blast under there.
Cailey had to join in.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, the girls and Kevin spent the first part of the day with Granny, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Gordon, and Cheyenne. For dinner they came over to Grandma's where I met them, after work, for dinner. When I got there the girls went out to search for the eggs the bunny left them.
Once Reece realized there was candy in the plastic eggs, she was on the hunt for candy. No more eggs for her.
Smiling with all their loot!
It was a good day, but boy was it windy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Decorating Easter Eggs

When we decorated easter eggs to hide for the easter bunny, we invited Granny and Cheyenne to join us. Granny was babysitting Cheyenne and we thought it would be fun to do it with all three girls... Our girls were very excited and this lasted only a few moments after they realized that they would have to wait for the eggs to color once in the dye. Cheyenne in Uncle Kevin's hat.
Getting everything ready... See the 5 colored cups..? Paas gives you 6 colored tablets. Why not make a purple cup to go with purple?
Watching the fizzing begin....
Coloring eggs!
Cailey was thrilled when Cheyenne held her hand.