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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our lunch date and a trip to the ER

We met up with Shannon, Jack and Ethan for lunch at Shakeys pizza and then for a fun play date at the park.  The kids were having a great time swinging and running all over the place.

 I'm flying!  Ethan was having so much fun flying on the swing.

  The girls called this Rapunzel's tower.  They were having fun climbing up into it and standing at the top. 


 Reece thought it was fun to slide down this.  She was cracking me up.
 The kids were swinging from a ring that spins in a circle.  They would let go and fall into the sand pit below.  I watched Jack take his millionth turn and it looked to me like he fell wrong.  He didn't cry at first and tried to stand up.  That was when he started to cry because he couldn't put weight on his wrist.  I told Shannon that it looked like he fell pretty hard and she ran to him.  She knew the minute she saw it that his wrist was broken.  We loaded all the kids up into the car and we followed them to the nearest emergency room.  The girls, Ethan and I waited for Ginny to show up in the waiting room while Shannon took Jack back to see the Dr.  The ER was great and they took him back right away.
 Poor buddy, broke both bones in his wrist.  By this time, he was pretty doped up on meds to make him comfortable until they could do surgery.  Because we had just had lunch, they had to wait about 4 hours to do the procedure to completely break the second bone and reset both.