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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cailey's Pre-K Promotion

I cannot believe our baby's first year of school is over!  She was only going 3 days a week but now she is done and out for the summer.  She did amazingly well and her teachers will be sad to see her go.  
Cailey and Ms Crystal
 Cailey and her friend Taylor
 Cailey and her daddy
 Our little graduate in her cap and gown.
 This is Cooper.  He is Cailey's age but almost a foot taller.  The tallest one at school, he looks like he's six or seven.
 I was trying to take Cailey's picture and Cooper kept saying he wanted a picture with Cailey.
 Cooper and Cailey.
 Cailey and Logan.  Logan lives around the corner from us and they love to play together.
 Cailey and her friend Brooklyn.
 Brooklyn, Seth and Cailey.
 Ms. Karen and Cailey.
 Nora, Cailey and Isabella.
Here comes the Preschool class. 


 Logan in front, Cailey in the back.
 Logan getting his diploma.

 Cailey getting her diploma.

 Little sister and the graduate.
 Our family
 Granny and the girls.
 Granny and the graduate.
On to Kindergarten!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Uncle Brandon is here!

We met Grandma, Papa, Brandon and his girlfriend Lindsay for dinner tonight at BJ's.  The girls were so excited to see Uncle Brandon that they went running through the restaurant to see him. 

An American Girl Adventure

For Cailey's birthday, Granny had wanted to take her to American Girl to pick out a doll as a special gift for being 5.  Cailey had no idea where they were going.  As they were walking through the Grove, they came up to the American Girl window and Cailey said she wanted an American Girl doll like her friend Emma. She was so excited that they were actually going to go to American Girl.  They picked out a doll.  She chose Makenna and then they had lunch and cake for her birthday.  She had been holding on to that doll since she brought it home and I thought she was going to cry when I told her she had to leave her at home to go to school.  It was also sweet of them to bring Reece home a miniature doll named Felicity.