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Monday, September 20, 2010

Griffith Park, Part 2 - The Observatory

Just across from the observatory is the Hollywood sign. A little bit of a hazy day....

When Daddy worked for DBM Hatch, the Observatory was undergoing renovations. It was closed to the public and completely torn apart. They added a whole new underground theater and learning center. Replicas of each planet hang from the ceiling and are sized in reference to each other.
Great astronomy minds
The sundial. The plaque on the bottom tells you that the shadow cast by the sun hitting the wire, tells the time on the ring.
Cailey standing in the suns location. The orbits of the planets around it are carved into the ground and marked with plaques.
Leaning against a stone pillar. Most stone pieces were taken out by DBM and restored and then put back during the remodel.
The Pendulum. It swings back and forth knocking over the little metal pieces on the floor.
It hangs from the hole in the DaVinci like ceiling.
In another room, the ceiling is covered with constellations.
Infrared cameras.....
Buckles.... the girl is fascinated.
Here is earth... it hangs in order with all the other planets in the new lower level.
And Jupiter in relation. Below each planet are facts and interactive activities to teach about each. Example: Pluto is not a planet because it only meets two of the three classifications of a planet and it goes on to explain in detail.
Mommy was impressed by the observatory and couldn't believe she had never been here before. We will definitely be taking the girls back when they are older and will learn from all it has to offer.

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