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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Griffith Park, Part 1 - Travel Town

Mommy was so lucky to get another Saturday off. We decided to do something that Daddy did as a kid but Mommy had never done. Growing up in Corona, a long way from Los Angeles, she had never been to Griffith Park. There is so much to do there for free. Travel Town was our first stop. There were a lot of birthday parties going on and it was a beautiful day.
All Reece wanted to do was push that stroller everywhere. She pushed it a majority of the day.
Twirling in the grass
Waiting to ride the little train.......
Playing with the train table, this little girl wanted to play with Reece but every time she touched what Reece had, Reece yelled "NO!" at her..... gotta keep working on that sharing.
Watching the little model train go round and round. It has been running for 30 years and is currently undergoing a remodel. It is only open for viewing a few hours on the weekends.
Running up and down a train car. I think the girls could have stayed here all day.

Love her little reflection
Reece made friends with this little boy and guy sitting on the tracks. His truck cycled out rocks. We all know how much Reece loves to play with rocks. She was in heaven putting rocks in his truck. He was a very nice little boy and just let her play with him.
Trying to push the stroller on the tracks

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