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Saturday, August 17, 2013


After riding horses and spending time with some family in the morning, we went over to Great Grandma and Great Grandpas house to see them and meet up with Uncle Mike and Aunt Karen.  Aunt Diane came over too.  We all then went down to the harbor for a ride on Uncle Mike and Aunt Karen's sail boat. 
Walking to the slip in Channel Island Harbor. 

 Exploring the boat.

Taking the kayak off so we could see around that side of the boat.

 Sitting in the Queens seat.

 Daddy and Reece headed to the front of the boat.
 Aunt Diane and Cailey soon joined them

 Aunt Karen drove us out of the harbor but then Kevin took over and drove while we were out on the ocean.

 Cailey had an absolute blast on the boat.  She loved every minute of it.  On the way back to the slip, we saw Kevin's cousin Chris, who works for the Harbor patrol, out on the patrol dock.  The girls screamed "hi Uncle Chris!"

 At the end of the trip, the girls signed the log book and Cailey drew a picture for Uncle Mike and Aunt Karen. They had so much fun.  Thank you for sharing your boat with us!

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  1. Grandma- How fun is that boat!!!??