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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Horseback riding

For my weekend off, we decided to head up to Somis/Oxnard to visit family.  Our first stop was to Uncle Will and Aunt Terry's house.  While we were there, the girls got to feed Katrina's horses carrots and ride Nikki, her newest horse. 

 Feeding all 3 (Selena, Roxy and Nikki) carrots

 Petting the neighbors dog.
 She wanted to pet Nikki so badly.  She just waited and when we realized what she was waiting for, Katrina told her she could go pet her.

 Cailey was up first to ride.

  Then it was Reecies turn. 

 After they were done riding, Katrina took the saddle off and Nikki rolled all over in the dirt.


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