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Friday, April 5, 2013

Tutu's and rollie pollies

We spent a beautiful afternoon playing out back.  The girls were all about riding scooters and catching the millions of rollie pollies that have decided out home is there home.  This thrills the girls and they have to pick every. single. one up. 

 Rocking it.... Tutu's and helmets.
 Counting all her rollie pollies.
 Reece has gotten to tall for the car she got when she turned one.  She insists that she still fits. She crammed herself, helmet and all into the car but then had a hard time moving her legs to maneuver the car.  Pretty funny considering she was warned.

 Got out because rollie pollies are important.

 She abandoned the car and went back to the scooter.

 Daddy took out the dog run that was on the side of our house and it has been wonderfully clean and empty ever since.  The girls love it and have parked all of their bikes and put all of their toys on the side.  Eventually, we will get a shed over on that side of the house, limiting their space.  But until then, they love having it to play in..

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