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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Princesses at the Castle-2013

For this years Princesses at the Castle, our group grew to three little princesses!  This was Cheyennes first year and the girls were so happy to have her come with us.  This year there were two sessions, a morning and afternoon.  We chose morning to beat the hear and before nap times.   Funny story I have to write down.  I drove my girls there in their pj's to make sure the dresses stayed as nice as I possible could before they got in them.  Well when we started putting dresses on, Cailey had no panties to wear under hers because she was not wearing any with her pj's.  Oops.  She just wore her pj pants pulled up under her dress so that way she had something on underneath.

 Walking up the steps to Kimberly Crest, the butterflies matched the girls dresses.

 Patiently waiting to sign in.

   Meeting some fairies as we walked in. 

 The cutest frog prince!
 This is the look I got when I told her to kiss him.

 Cheyenne would only get this close for me.

 Princess Snow was waiting on the steps to the castle.


 When Cailey and Reece walked away, leaving Cheyenne by herself, she was unsure of how to deal with Princess Snow.
 So the princess inches closer,
 and closer,
 and we got a smile!

  Balloon animals!


 Curtsy to the princesses.

 Watching the princesses dance and then joining in on the dance party.


 Announcing that they will begin princess introductions.
 Reece being greated and asked to come sit in the carriage.
 They had dancing in the back next to the fishing hole.  It was right up Reece's alley and she was the only one of the girls that wanted to do it.  And dance she did.  She danced her little heart out, or butt off as Daddy says.

 After dancing, at the very edge of the back they had an area for fairy godmothers this year.  There was a little path you went down and then ended up being blessed by the fairy god mothers.
 Reece waiting for her turn with the godmothers.
 Telling the footman her name.
 Cailey jumping over the flowers.  Notice the pant leg.


 Cailey waiting to be called by the fairy godmothers.

 Reece being cheered on.

 Cheyenne really just wanted to slide down the slide.  When the fairy blessed her, they were sprinkling glitter at their feet.  Somehow they got some in Cheyennes eyes.  Poor thing and the glitter was huge and hard to get out.

 Princesses for the day!

 Reece had to go back and dance again, convincing Cailey to try too.

 Waiting in line to be announced down the castle steps.

 Announcing princess Reece from the house of Van Arsdall!

 Announcing princess Cailey from the house of Van Arsdall!

 Face painting

 Cheyenne was a little unsure about getting her face painted so she held her mommy's hand.

 All through the painting (of a bee!) on her hand she held on to her mommy.  So sweet!
 Hand painting is serious business.

 While Cailey waited for the little ones, she had a conversation with a princess.

 Showing B the bee on her hand.

 All three, painted and pretty!

 Granny was posing for a picture with the girls but they were all leaning on her, causing her to fall back.
 One of the last things we did was listen to princess stories, told by a princess.  The girls were so into it that they listened to 4 or 5 stories before we left.

 It was a great day, made even better by the fact that they broke it into two sessions.  This made it smaller, more intimate and manageable.  They also added some new things that entertained the girls and they were never bored.  Such a good day.

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  1. Grandma- OMG! Those girls are stunning!! It always looks like so much fun. That is a great annual thing to do!!