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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The San Diego Safari Park

For the girls birthdays, Aunt Stacy got them tickets to the San Diego Safari Park.  With it being so hot, we decided to wait until winter to use them.  In October, kids are free to both the Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo so we decided not to go then.  For my weekend off in November, we decided to take them.  It felt like a summer day, in the 90's but we had a good day. 

 Sitting in the cracked egg, like little hatchlings.

 Watching the Gorillas with Daddy.  There was a new baby in with the mama.

 "Mommy, take our picture here!"

These are the stats for the Gorilla.  
 Here is how Cailey stacks up compared to the Gorilla.
Here is how Daddy measures up.
  See.....obsessed I tell ya.
 A few interesting and pretty plants around the park.

 The Ocapi.  Part Zebra and part horse.
 Looking at them in the enclosure.
 Kevin said, "This bird has my hairdoo!"

 Sitting on the eggs, keeping them warm.

 The African marshlands.
 Mommy and Reece on the African tram.
  Daddy and Cailey on the African tram.

 The giraffes.  There were two different type of giraffes in this enclosure.
 An African White Rhino.  There are only 8 left in the world.  The Safari Park has two that are past reproducing age.  The other 6 can't be bred to successfully grow the numbers because with such limited numbers the inbreeding factors would be too high.  They said because of this, these Rhinos will be extinct in our lifetime.  So sad.

 Can you see the three lions?  One male and two females.....

 Waiting to feed the giraffes.  We were first in line but they don't have any way to insure that the giraffes even come over.  They just hang up branches of their food and hope they come over.  The two guys working said the giraffes had come over every day.  We finally left after waiting about an hour.  Kevin ran into them later in the day and they said that not a single giraffe came over that day.  I am glad we didn't wait longer!

Do you see the new baby elephant?  He's only two months old.

 "Mommy, Can  you take a picture for me to show Mrs. Powell?" (her kindergarten teacher)

 Cailey and Daddy jumping on the suspension bridge.

 At the top of the trail, we were so hot so the girls had an Icee.

 After lunch, the girls rode the carousel.  They were so excited that they could both ride by themselves.

 Getting some energy out.


We went to see a bird show and after we went to feed the lorakeets and both girls were excited and held onto their cups.  I was with Reece and Kevin with Cailey.  I guess once the bird landed on Cailey's arm, she started crying, so Kevin took over.

 Reece was trying to get the birds to drink hers.
 So Daddy tried to get his bird on her, he bit her causing her to spill hers.
 So I guess the bird feeding was unsuccessful.
 After the birds, we went to watch a cheetah run.  It was neat seeing the cheetah get from 0 to 40 MPH in 3 steps. After the cheetah, the last thing we did was get the girls face painted.  This is a new thing for them.  Cailey was scared to get her face painted until recently.

 She chose a flamingo!  She said it was just a cute flamingo.  Mommy agrees.

 Reece chose a butterfly
 So exhausted.  Reece fell asleep after just minutes but Cailey did too.  It was a good family day together.

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  1. Grandma- I love when you have family days like that. The face painting was phenomenal!!