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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

On Halloween, we came home from work and quickly ate dinner and got the girls dressed and ready to go out.  Cailey was batgirl, but she had to have the superhero pink costume.  Reece wanted to be wonder woman but her costume was on back order and never came in so she chose Alice in Wonderland instead. Before we left, we took a few pictures by our pumpkin stack.

 Ketchup bottle and his ketchup packet.
 Cowgirl Brooklyn.
 Pictures of all of the girls before going out to trick or treat. 

 Adding Trent to the mix.  Poor little man looks terrified.

 Checking out all of their loot.

 After walking Brooklyn's neighborhood, we headed over to Aunt Stacy's to trick or treat with Cheyenne.
 Unkie Monkey and Kristen
 Cailey said she wasn't a flying super hero but this is her pose.
 After trick or treating, we tried to get a picture of all 4 girls.  Trying to get a picture of 4 little ones together proved to be a challenge.



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