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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cailey's early birthday celebration!

Cailey celebrated her birthday a day early at school.  Since she only goes Monday, Wednesday, Friday and her birthday was on Thursday, we celebrated the day before.  We went to the store and she picked out which cupcakes and juice she wanted to take.  They gave her a crown and sang to her.  She didn't take the crown off all day.  

 And then when Daddy came home, we opened presents because we were going to be gone at Disneyland the next day.

 A new barbie.... barbie is starting to take over this house...
 All she wanted was a pointer.  She was so so excited to get this one, in her favorite color!
 And a bunch of new clothes.  She is in need of clothes.  Her sister gets all the hand me downs plus some new stuff and never needs anything but Cailey is the oldest and gets all the stuff brand new.  She is growing out of all her current clothes and needs some new ones.

 Closing her eyes, waiting for her big surprise.....

 A new big girl bike!
 Cailey was so upset when Reece got a big bike for her birthday and Cailey still only had a baby bike.  We told her she could ask for one for her birthday or save and buy one herself.
 She was so excited to get a Tinkerbelle bike!

Happy Birthday Baby! I cannot believe you are five years old!

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