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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Legoland- Part 2, The water play area

The Pirate Cove part of Legoland is all water related. The ship ride shoots water at other riders as well as bystanders. Luckily I had talked to my cousin, who had just taken her boys to Legoland, and she recommended bathing suits. It was a good thing we brought them because the girls couldn't wait to get in the water. They got completely soaked and had a blast doing it. She got it in the face. The little boy covered the holes the water was coming out of, forcing her spout to go up into her face.
Cailey even waited in line and went down the little water slide.
By the end of playing, they were so tired. Reece changed and laid right down in the stroller and was out. Cailey and Daddy then got to go on some rides, just them.

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