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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Legoland- Part 1

To celebrate Cailey's 4th birthday, we took her to Legoland. She had been to Legoland with Papa and Grandma before but we decided it was time for her to go again. We slept in, got ready and took off for Legoland for the day.
They thought Daddy was pretty funny!
Welcome to Legoland!
Star Wars was the theme while we were there. This sand castle was just inside the entrance and there were lego scenes from Star Wars built next to the cities.
While waiting for our first ride, the jungle safari ride, monkey's sat on the wooden beams....
Daddy and Reecie cuddled.
While Reece and I drove by these, Reece screamed "My favorite!"
Sisterly love....
Looking for fishies....
The helicoptor ride, Kevin filmed Cailey and I.
Eating lunch....
The hero's ride. As a team, you pump your engine to the burning house and then shoot the fire down and pump back. We won! Engine #7
Reece was the driver.
"Mommy take our picture by the fountain!"
This boat ride, you drive the boat. Not on a rail at all.
Penguins watch and read.....
Daddy and Cailey got ahead of us because I can't take pictures and help Reece drive the boat. We ended up the wrong way a couple of times.
Taking a break...
while Kevin and Cailey went on the dragon.
Cailey drove a boat.
Kevin and Cailey went on the ride where I could spray them from the sidelines because Reece was taking a nap.Daddy teasing Mommy....
Cailey loved riding the airplane by herself.
Then it was time for sliding....
This dragon built all out of legos was a sight.
Cailey said this was her favorite.
Happy Birthday sweet girl.

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  1. Wow!!! It has changed since Papa and I took her. I'm glad it was so different!! Looks like they had a blast. They are just the cutest! Happy birthday sweet girl. I hate/love that she's 4!!!!