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Monday, January 3, 2011

Leading up to our New Year

This post is the first of the new year, dedicated to rounding out the events that we ended our last year doing. Things were a little hectic at the end of the year but we spent it together. The weather has been very cold for California, getting into the 20's some nights. Spending the rainy days inside for days on end, Cailey was loving playing with a hopscotch rug that Aunt Stacy got her for Christmas.

Cailey also got a makeup kit from Santa. It was the only thing she asked for and has been something she has wanted to play with all the time. The only thing is... it makes a HUGE mess. So play with it, usually in the evenings, right before bath time. Reece is also so interested in it and wants to play with it. Cailey has been pretty good about sharing it... so far.

Makeup ends up all over the place.... Reece puts it everywhere.

Daddy took Cailey, Reece and Wyatt to shop for a helmet for her little bike. How did I know he would come home with one? I don't know who is more excited, Cailey or Daddy.

Reece had to take all her care bears to Aunt Stacy's for new years.

We ended this year on a high note. We spent it with Kevin's mom and sister's family. Cuddling with our niece, eating dinner, watching movies, talking.... all the good stuff.

Here's saying goodbye to 2010. It was a good year, a consistent year(on the job front), a year of changes (both big and small) but we are glad to say goodbye, to see what 2011 will bring.

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