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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A new first and a big step

When Cailey was Reece's age (22 months) we had just had Reece and Cailey was already in her big girl bed. Cailey got her bed for Christmas when she was 20 months old and slept in it shortly after and ever since. Reece got her big girl bed for Christmas this year and she is now sleeping in it full time. The first night, Christmas night, she was so excited to climb into it. She hid under the covers....

while Daddy put the rail together...

and sissy read her a story.

Cheese! Yay for big girls and no more crib! (a little sad for Mommy)

All ready to go to bed.

She cried at first when she realized that she was going to sleep in it. Daddy went in and calmed her down and she went to sleep. She has been sleeping in it since with no problems! She doesn't get out of bed and sleeps the whole night or nap time just fine. Such a big girl.

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  1. Grandma- Such a big girl Reecie!!! We were anxious about how she'd do, and she's done GREAT!! A little sad for grandma, too!!