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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yucaipa Fire/Cal Fire Dept., Bryant Street

Papa's car club had participated in a fundraiser for Wildwood Elementary School in Yucaipa. They held a silent auction and Papa bid on a dinner with the fire fighters and tour of the fire house. Tonight, the whole family (Papa, Tina, Aunt Stacy, Uncle Gordon, Daddy, Mommy, Cailey and Reece) went to the fire house for dinner and a tour. At first Cailey cried and wanted to go home but she warmed up and it was a fun time had by all. Reece loved it from the very begining. They gave us a tour of their living quarters and told us all about their work hours and jobs. This fire house has two Cal Fire engines that service all over California as well as one City of Yucaipa engine that services the people of the Yucaipa. We had a nice dinner with them, yummy lasagna made by them. They gave the girls stuffed puppies and badges. After dinner and dessert, we all got to go for a ride in the engine, lights and all. The girls just thought it was the best.
Listening to the fire man talk.....
Cailey and Daddy sitting in the engine when we first got there. She wasn't too happy at this point.
Reece and Papa in the back.
Reece's turn in the front, holding on to her puppy.
All warmed up. While the adults talked, the girls ran all over the place, climbing all over all the chairs and couches.
Dessert.... brownies and ice cream... Yum!
Dinner with the city fire fighters. The Cal Fire guys got called out shortly after we got there.
Playing with her puppy. She brought it home and slept with it that night.
Reece also slept with her new friend.
Daddy getting ready to take a ride. Because the trucks are so loud, you talk through the headsets.
She had a blast! She loved sitting in a seat by herself and waved bye to the guys who didn't come on the ride with us.
Cailey also loved riding around in the truck, so much so she went again with Papa.
All of us and the best picture. Mommy forgot her smaller lens and the auto setting didn't give enough light.
We will definitely be making them a thank you and taking it back to them for their wall.

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  1. Grandma--What a GREAT experience!! How fun!! glad to see Mommy in a picture for a change!