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Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Van Arsdall (Hammer, Turek, Mohr) Thanksmas

The saturday after thanksgiving and black friday, the Van Arsdall side of the family got together at Papa's house for Thanksmas. We decided while ago that getting together twice during the holiday season to celebrate Thanksgiving and then a short while later Christmas was just too much with all the busy schedules to collaborate and the distance to drive. Thus, Thanksmas was born. A day between the two holidays that we take to celebrate both with Turkey, Christmas trees and family. This year the girls horded the bowl of pretzels when all the cookies were moved out of their reach.

Watching Cheyenne being welcomed into the family properly by Katrina
Aunt Stacy brought this dog for the girls to play with. He dances all over the place when you set him down but Reece loved him and wanted to carry him. When you did this, his head whipped around in circles or he shook his booty, depending on where you were holding him.
She didn't mind one bit.
Another big thing at Thanksmas is the craft. Every year Aunt Terry puts together a craft and brings all the materials for us to make it. This year was reindeer. Mommy especially loves this tradition because each year we add a homemade decoration to our house.
The girls just wanted to play outside while we put together the reindeer out on the patio.
Our completed one. He lights up and his nose blinks. He is so cute.
After craft time, its dinner time....
and then present time. The girls get gifts and all the adults participate in a gift exchange/steal.
We had so much fun this year. Everyone missed Daddy, who was in Glamis like he is every weekend after Thanksgiving every year. The next big family event (besides the birth of our niece), Katrina and Jake get married!

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