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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Ballet went a little bit better today. Reece had a little bit better of a time..... Cailey not so much. We will still go, finish out the month and take it from there.

2. Daddy sanded the wood for the signs Mommy is making for Reece's room. Copying an idea from somewhere else for a fraction of the price. Hopefully it turns out well.

3. Along with that project, there is the Halloween project. Making a wood sign for our mantel. Just have to measure, cut and sand the wood.

4. The girls have been exposed to chicken pox. It has a 2 week incubation period. The doctor says they should be protected because they are vaccinated. He also said we only have to isolate them if they get a fever (the fever will show up before the spots). But we still have to skip the birthday this weekend because of the un vaccinated newborn and prego auntie that will be there. Just in case.

5. Mommy applied for 2 more promotional positions. We will see how this turns out.

6. It is time for the pumpkin patch. This week or next we will be taking the girls there. They love to spot it as we drive by.

7. Today is my Friday! It will be nice for a couple of days off. Get to work on some art projects.

8. Reece was getting into trouble, taking things off Kevin's nightstand. When she went to do it a second time, he told her to stop and she looked at him and said "I'm sorry Daddy." Then she climbed down. So cute and her vocabulary is really exploding.

9. Aunt Stacy's baby shower is coming soon and we can't wait!

10. I love my girls a bunch. I do feel like they need to get into more extra curricular activities. We do the library and dance (that isn't going great). Maybe preschool for Cailey? She is more than ready and I think if she goes by herself she will see new situations aren't so scary. Mommy had looked into one near us before but maybe its time to revisit that idea. Originally we were going to wait until she was 4 and put her in for a year before school but now may be a good time. We will see.

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