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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ballet- Day 2- Little Progress

Today was our second day of ballet class. Reece's class was first and Granny came with us to watch Cailey, outside of the classroom where Reece couldn't see her. Reece did the same at first. Telling the teacher no to everything she asked her to do. After they did the ballet moves across the room, they line up on a heart(to help teach them to stay put) and do some arm and leg poses. Reece actually did this because she wanted the heart. Then once she heard she would get a cookie at the end, she did it because she wanted the cookie, asking cookie repeatedly.

Cailey on the other hand was the same as last time. She clung to me and cried, saying she wanted to go home and didn't want to do it. This was after she had been telling Mommy and Grandma that she would dance with the little girls the next time and we practiced at home. I think its because of all the other adults in the room and my girl is super shy. We will see but if things don't change... we may have to find an alternative for her.

Mommy didn't get many pictures because Reece's class is a Mommy and Me class and Cailey cried almost all of her class.

Eating cookies while saying "cookie"

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