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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Its a pretty good library

I don't know why it had never occurred to me to take the girls to the library. Not once. Me, the one who grew up, loving to go to the library with her aunt every summer. And me, the one with two little girls who absolutely love books and to be read to. Wasn't even a thought in my head, until a blog I read had pictures of a library. The light bulb clicked on and I immediately googled our library to find out what it had to offer. As it turns out, a lot for kids that are not yet in school. On Mondays, there is a story/activity time for children under 2 and it goes by the name Mother Goose on the Loose. Tuesday is the story/activity time for children ages 2-5. For the summer it has a SAIL theme and every week its about things water related; animals, boats, etc. Thursday is a repeat if you don't make Tuesdays time. They also do family type events on some Saturdays and book sales too.

We went for the first time today and gathered all this information. While we were there, we popped in on the 2-5 class going on. Cailey was extremely hesitant and stood by the door while Reece, Brooklyn, Shannon and I all sat and sang with everyone else. She eventually came over and sat rightnexttomommy and then on my lap. While doing this, I kept asking her if she was liking it and she said no. But when she thought you weren't looking at her, she was doing the motions to the songs and was so tuned into what all the kids were doing. I think she will do better next time. She is just extremely shy and scared in new situations always. Reece on the other hand was up and standing with the other kids. She went and got a stuffed animal during the song where everyone sings with one. Reece stood close to mommy and didn't dance but she did better than her sister, no surprise there. The thing I love the most is that while this class/story time is geared toward kids age 2-5, siblings are welcome and can participate too.

Mommy knows the library was a hit because Cailey has been playing in her room with her books since we got home. She borrowed 8 books from the library and took them, along with all the other books she has and made her own library in her room. Cailey had books everywhere. On her table, her bed, in her crate and all over the floor. Mommy told her she didn't know we had so many books! She says "Its a pretty good library." She also keeps telling Mommy about how she will go back to the library and sing and dance and sit with the kids, next time. Next time, Mommy. I am so glad to see her so excited about books.

Cailey's "library"

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  1. The girls are just like their Mom and Uncle Brandon, both of whom loved books and to be read to at a very young age!!!

    Love, Grandma Riki