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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Introducing Jaxson Cade Barnette

This little man is so loved and so welcomed into our family.  The third grandchild and first boy, he is such a joy.  I was honored to be able to take his picture in his first days.  He was so awake and would not sleep.  

 He thought we were pretty funny.

   Baby ears.


   One of my favorites. 

    Another favorite...
 My number one favorite!


  He was not having it being put in the Avs jersey. 

 I love this of his eyes. 
     Still not having the jerseys.  

   High five for the kings. 
    And hes ok with the Avs. 

   Plotting his next move. 

   And he finally finally went to sleep. 

So much love for this little guy.

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