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Sunday, December 7, 2014

The New England Patriots at the San Diego Chargers

We were so excited that the Patriots were playing in California this year.  They haven't been in 4 years and we vowed to get tickets. 
Qualcomm Stadium  
 The Sunday Night Football Bus.  This is where the post game show takes place.
 JJ Watt on the bus....
 Rob Gronkowski on the bus......
 Inside the bus!  The official poster as well as a football signed by every Sunday night MVP for the season. 

 The Jerseys!
 The Lombardi Trophy!

 Tailgating in the parking lot. 
 Inside the stadium before the game.

 Out comes our team!



 Our seats were this close!!

 When Tom Brady and Coach Belichick came out, they were so stunned by the amount of cheers from the Patriot fans.  It showed on their faces and Brady's mood was instantly amped up.  Both talked about it in the post game interviews and were blown away by how many fans they had at an away game.

 Julian Edelman....#11

 Here comes Rob Gronkowski!! #87

   Out of the tunnel to start the game! 


       The game starts! 
  We win! 

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