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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Exploring Oahu- Day 2

On our first day, we got up early, still being on California time.  We are early risers anyways but this made for extra exploring time.  We went all the way up the west coast thinking we could get to the north shore this way.  We were wrong and we could only go so far on this side of the island.  It was a beautiful dead end though. 



 Afterward, we went back toward Honolulu.  We cut through the highway that runs the middle of the island on the way to the Dole plantation.

 We arrived at Dole just after they opened.  We ordered breakfast and ate it out on the patio.

 We had another little lizard friend for this meal.  

 After our breakfast, we took the train tour around the plantation.

 While we waited for our train, we explored a little bit.

 Pineapples painted red so we could see them in the plant.


 The fish in the koi pond were all gathered at the fence because everyone was feeding them.

 The mulit colored trees were amazing.
 The day was hot and humid and the plants amazing.  


 While we waited for the train, we did the audio tour.  It took us all over and told us about the history of the island.


 Another few lizard friends.

 Flowers for our ears. 


 As we boarded the train, the skies started to darken.  We got hit with a summer storm.
 Pineapple fields. 

 After the train, we did the pineapple maze.  We did it!  We hit all the spots in the maze.


  After the Dole plantation, we went to the North Shore to Waimea Valley. 

 We went in and took the rode all the way up to the waterfall.


 We didn't know we could actually swim in it.  We sat and watched everyone swim for awhile.



 After hiking up, we had dinner at a steakhouse on the North Shore, overlooking the ocean.  Daddy was glad because they were showing the Patriots game.  

 After dinner we headed to the most famous place for Hawaiian shaved ice.  Matsumotos.  


After our day, we headed back to the resort.  It was an amazing first day on Oahu.

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