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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Santa Catalina Island

We were fortunate to be able to get free kids tickets and half price adult tickets to go visit Catalina Island.  My Aunt Lori and family was over there, staying the week in a condo, so we decided to spend the day over there with them. 

 Acting silly while waiting in line to board the Catalina Express.  It was early and we had breakfast down by the beach.

 We sat on the back of the boat.  It was nice to enjoy the sun and spray from the water.  It was also neat because we got to see a whale and a whole pod of dolphins.

 Bye Newport CA!
 It was neat to ride the boat out of the early morning haze and see it blanket the coast.


Do you see the spray?  That's the whale that was swimming behind us. 

 Do you see the dolphins jumping?  There were about 20 or 30 and they followed the boat for quite a distance.



 And then they got even closer..... We all loved it and turned out picking the best seats on the boat.



  Descanso Beach!
 The Movie Theatre!  We are here! 

 Watching the taffee pulling machine.

 Eating lunch...... 

 The girls spent the day playing on Descanso Beach.....

 Reece needs to eat something.....

 Nolan, Katherine and Kevin went stand up paddle boarding.










It was a great day, swimming and enjoying the sun with family.  We want to go back in the future and stay a week ourselves.

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