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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Disneyland with Grandma

We decided to do a mini staycation.  We rented a hotel room right across the street from Disneyland.  We went to dinner at PF Changs and then to Disney for a little bit the first night.  The next morning, Grandma brought us donuts and met us at the hotel. The girls were thrilled to be staying in a hotel and they had the best time.
 Showing Grandma her ugly face.

 Waiting in line for California Adventure to open so we could get in line for fast passes to ride the Cars ride.




 Grandma had so much fun riding Ariel with them.

 The birds made nests in these decorations for the cars ride. The birds were still busy while we were in line.  They were narrowly missing peoples heads.

 Playing on Tom Sawyers Island.  We had just got off of the Haunted Mansion where we ran into Johnny Galecki from the Big Bang Theory. Pretty Cool.

 And what is Disney without ice cream....

 and hugs and kisses for Daddy.

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