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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kernville and the Sequioas

For a few days, we met up with Kevin in Kernville. When we got there on Monday, the river was nice and clear.  The girls had fun playing in it. Later, we had a down pour that turned the river brown for the rest of our trip.


 Playing with Emma and Megan and some girls from another camp.


  Because the river was brown and not able to be played in, we drove up north about an hour or so to the Sequoias.  On the way we stopped at this waterfall. 

    In the parking lot for the Trail of 100 Giants. 


 These trees were huge.  Many had been hurt by the recent fire in the area.

 The pretty lines and colors of the trees.

 The Ponderosa pine.


 This tree fell across 3 different parts of the trail in September 2011.

 The hole its roots came out of. 
 Kevin compared to the base of the tree.

 Do you see Kevin on the top?

 Where the tree broke in half when it fell.
There are actually 5 trees, growing together. 
 The top of the tree that fell.
 These are the roots from a tree that fell long ago.
   Cailey taking a break
 Little tree huggers.

 Emma, Reece, Cailey and Megan. 


 Where are the kids?

 This shelf was created on the trunk of this tree, when another tree fell on it.


 Silly girls......

  We came home after two days, leaving Kevin up there to enjoy the rest of his boy time. 

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  1. Grandma- Those trees are AMAZING!! Beautiful! I love seeing the girls having so many wonderful experiences and having so much fun!!