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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Outside with the neighbors.

Our front yard is turning out to be one of our favorite places this summer so far.  Riding bikes and having beers (the adults) is now our evening activity. We mix it up with the sprinklers and slip and slide.
 Making foot prints

 I have a picture of Cailey and Maddie inside a tupperware box when they were little, side by side like this too.

 Silly froggy
 Trying to jump rope and then limbo

 Slip and slide time 


 Reece grew tired of the water games quick.

 They were running and twisting at the end.

  And then the posing started.

 Dinner out side in the front yard.  Pizza, with the neighbors.

 Then a dance performance.

 Reece decided to get back in on the action.

 Running and sliding into each other, one after the other.

 A T T I T U D E

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  1. Grandma-- Love the dancing pictures!!!!