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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The San Diego Zoo

Our second day in San Diego, we spent the day at the San Diego Zoo. Granny bought the girls matching neon "you can lose us" shirts.  The two oldest wore the same and the two younger sisters wore the same design.

 Silly girl.

 Our whole group.

 Climbing all over the climbing area by the elephants.

 Cheyenne and her Unkie Monkey playing peek-a-boo.

 Chase really wanted to get up on the elephant.

 Lunch time.


 All smiles for Auntie B!
 Do you see the Gorilla?  He came and sat right in front of Reece and just studied her.

 Giving the Gorilla a kiss.

 Cailey and Daddy
 Reece and Mommy

  Silly Aunt Cindy

 Going through the reptile house, Cailey had no interest in the snakes like Cheyenne, Jack and Reece so she played with Kristen instead.

 Poor baby rubbed her sunscreen in her eyes.

 What is a trip to the Zoo without the petting area?  We ended there and the kids had fun.

 Trying to get a picture of all the kiddos proved to be a challenge.

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