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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boston- Day 3

Our third day in Boston, we decided to get Trolley passes that gave us two days to hop on and hop off to see Boston at our pace.  The first stop after our hotel was Fenway Park. 

After we walked around Fenway and took some pictures, we hopped back on the trolley and headed over to Cambridge, home of Harvard and MIT.  We didn't go to the Harvard side but did walk around MIT a little.
This set of buildings was designed by the same guy who designed Disney Concert Hall in LA.
The oldest post office in the US
Boston Common

This is the frog pond in Boston Common.  Soon it will be an ice skating rink.

This is a land mine.  At one time, there were over 50,000 in Boston.

The colors in the Common were starting to change.

After the Common, we started off on the Freedom Trail.  We did everything on the trail over the course of two days.  The next stop was the graveyard where Paul Revere, Sam Adams, the victims of the Boston Massacre and a few more historical figures are buried.

The Old City Hall now is office buildings and a Ruths Chris steak house.

The old State House and the Boston Massacre site are very near each other.

After the State House, we had lunch and headed out to walk around the public garden that sits next to the Boston Common.

All the ducks wanted to do was eat and were butt up.

The leaves in the Garden were changing too.  Beautiful.
George Washington statue.

Outside the garden, Cheers is where we caught the tram next.
For the last stop of the day, we went to the harbor and to the Boston Tea Party Museum for a fun reenactment and tour.

After the tour, we got off the trolley in the Italian part of Boston to meet up with Kevin's Aunt and Uncle for dinner, since they happened to be in Boston at the same time!  We had an amazing dinner at Ristorante Saracena and then delicious pastrys from Mikes Pastry. A successful third day!

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  1. Grandma- What a great trip!!! Very cool that Kevin's aunt and uncle were there at the same time!!