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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kernville- Day 2

When we got up on day 2 in Kernville, we made breakfast and then parked ourselves in the river.  Shannon and Jack showed up in the middle of the night and we were so excited to spend the day with them.

 Climbing all over the rocks was as fun as throwing them.

 We out life vests on the kids just in case they got away from us in the river.  Just a precaution, to be safe.

 Shannon and I went and got the tubes, took a walk about a mile up river and then floated down stream to them.  Last year the river was moving fast and thankfully this year it was a slower pace.  There were a lot more rocks we ran into but we giggled the whole way down.  So much fun.  When we got back to where we were set up, the kids wanted to float and play with the tubes and they entertained them for the rest of the day.

 Jack snapping his fingers to a song on the radio.

  We walked to a part of the river where is was calm and barely moving.  Shannon and Kevin walked out with the kids.

When we came back to camp, we all took showers, made dinner and then had smores.  The campfire was definitely not fun in the summer heat but we didn't sit near it for very long. The kids were so tired and went to bed fairly early.

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