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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Laguna Beach

Cailey has been begging all summer to go to the beach.  One beach trip is usually all we fix in, due to schedules, distance and the sand.  This trip, taken on a Sunday, was special because Kevin got to come along and see how they are and how they react at the beach.  We went down and had breakfast at Ruby's in Laguna Beach and then chose Aliso Creek beach for the day.  It was pretty crowded but we found a nice place and spent a few hours playing in the surf and the sand.

 The beach has a steep drop off not too far out in the water.  It was also a strong riptide the day we went so we only played in the water close to shore and with Kevin right there.

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  1. Grandma-- With their hair pulled back, those girls look identical!!!!