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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yucaipa Regional Park

Aunt Ginny and Shannon invited us to go to Yucaipa Regional Park with them this past Saturday.  We had never been but were interested to check it out.  
 We got there early, 7:30a, as soon as the gates opened.  The girls climbed all over the rocks while we unloaded the car.

 The view of one or the lakes and the swimming area.
 Walking to the other lake we were going to fish out of.
 The lake we fished from.
 She got bored of fishingf and just wanted to relax.

 Uncle Gordon, Chase and Wyatt.
 Everybody out on the dock
 Little fisher.... she was so patient.
 Reece did try it for a minute.

 Jack was so excited to fish.

 Jack caught the first fish!  He was so excited.

 Reece had to check it out.

 Jacks fish.

 Mariah and Reece, patiently waiting for fish.

 Mariah caught the next fish.
 Kevin showed her how to hold it by the mouth.
 She was a little hesitant at first, 
 but after a couple of tries....
 she got it! She was sure proud to hold her fish.
 As Kevin was throwing the newly wormed line back out from Mariahs catch, this little tiny fish caught the worm.
 Jack and Cailey, the last of the little fishers.
 This is how Ethan spent the day.

 After fishing, we went over to swim. Aunt Stacy, Granny and Cheyenne were waiting for us. Mommy took the girls down to swim with Jack and Mariah.

 Sunbathing after swimming.
 Cheyenne and Reece shared a chair.

It was such a neat place, so close to spend the day.  We will definitely have to do this again.

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  1. Grandma- Reecie looks so cute in the huge hat!!