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Monday, June 18, 2012

Knotts Soak City- Palm Springs

Mommy is on vacation!  And on the first day of vacation, I planned to take them to Soak City to see how they would like it.  I got discount tickets at work, so it was worth a try. Shannon and Jack came with us.
Waiting for Shannon and Jack to get there, we went in Shannon's car because it fit us all with the ginormous car seats.

 Relaxing..... They did a lot.  Went in the wave pool, the lazy river and up and down many slides.
 The turtle slides were the most popular slide of the day.  They went up and down repeatedly.  This was nice, to stay in one spot.  Shannon and I got to take turns on some of the bigger slides too.

 This was our view.  We were fortunate enough to have gotten in before most people were there and scored 5 chairs in the shade all day.
It was a fun day and the kids had a blast.  I think we will wait to go back until they are a little older and can go on more of the bigger slides.

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