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Friday, May 11, 2012

Family fun day

Granny and Daddy took Cailey and Reece to family fun night at preschool.  Mommy got there just in time to  give Reece a ride home.  They played games.
 They also played all over the schools playgrounds.

 There was blow up slides and bouncers.
 Cailey sat with her "boyfriend" Logan.  Logan lives around the corner from us.  His mom tells us that he just adores Cailey.  He talks non stop about her.  We have been going to hang out at their house more lately and the kids: Cailey, Logan, Reece and Leah all love to play together.
 More games.

 Coloring her bag for the pinata.
 Reece and Logan playing a game together.

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  1. Grandma- Too bad Mommy couldn't get there!!! Cailey can't have a boyfriend until she's 40!!