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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Reece's three year well check

Reece went for her 3 year well check with Dr. Cohen.  Poor thing was so scared to even put the gown on.  She screamed when the nurse took her blood pressure and fought Mommy while putting on the gown.  Sissy came to the rescue and got her B out of Mommy's purse. 
After she realized that nothing was going to hurt.  She didn't cry at all for Dr. C! She let him check her over and opened her mouth for him to look in and was perfect.  The poor nurse wasn't so lucky.
Every two years, my girls will have an EKG to check their hearts for WPW or SVT as their hearts grow and change.  Since has shown up on Daddy's side of the family, this will be routine for us.  Reece had her first EKG at 1 year old and did great.  She was so interested at a year old and sat every still while they put all the leads on and for the short minute they took the readings.  This time was different because she is more aware and scared.  Once Cailey did hers and Reece realized it didn't hurt, she did ok.
She is perfectly healthy.  Tall and skinny.
After the doctors, we had some errands to run and the girls were so good so they got to pick out cookies.  They picked out their favorite.

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