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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter with Grandma and Papa

On Saturday, we went over to my mom's to celebrate easter, since I will have to work on the actual day. The girls were excited to get baskets from the Easter Bunny and even more excited to get the eggs he left. 

 Papa showing Reece her new chapsticks.

 So excited to get the eggs.

 Cailey did her hair all by herself.  She was so proud of it and looked so cute.
 Getting all the eggs.

 Showing what she got inside her eggs.

 Chocolate!  This is what stopped her from getting eggs last year.  Once she realized there was candy in them, it was over.


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  1. Grandma says- That pic of Reecie eating her chocolate is soooo cute!!! Papa and I LOVE you girls and love having you here!! Seeing Easter through your eyes it what it is all about!!