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Friday, March 2, 2012

Disneyland to (finally!) celebrate Reece's birthday

We went to Disneyland to finally spend some time with the girls and celebrate Reece's birthday.  Daddy, Grandma, Papa and Granny all went with us.  We spent the day at both California Adventure and Disneyland.  It was a beautiful day once the winds died down and the girls enjoyed going on all the rides.  We left the parks at 9:40pm, which it later than we normally do and the girls did so well.  Boy were they tired.  Cailey was asleep before we even got out of the parking structure and Reece before we hit the freeway.
 Being the biggest crabby girl at first.
 Peter Pan. I wish this picture was lighter.
 Toy Story. This ride was a blast! I had never been on it and we loved it so much we went twice.

 Throwing pennies into the fountain and making wishes.

 Being a sllly goose while waiting for It's a Small World.

 Buzz Lightyear's astro blasters.
 Pirates of the Caribbean

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  1. Grandma says- The girls have been asking us to go to D-land with them FOREVER, so this was the perfect time. They were soooo good. Cailey walked and walked and never complained! Newly potty trained Reece stayed dry the whole time! Papa and I had a blast!