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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Follow up visit and phone call

On Monday, Feb. 6th Reece and I went to see Dr. Cohen for a follow up visit because she was still having the stomach pains and trouble from before and had now been on antibiotics for two and a half days.  He said she looks to be doing better.  The only reason we would have to worry was if she was showing symptoms again or if the tests (due to be in the next day) came back that the bacteria was resistant to the antibiotic.  We left there but today we got the phone call we did not want.  The nurse called and asked how Reece was doing.  At this point she had not had diarrhea for almost a whole day and had not said anything about her tummy hurting at all. The nurse said that was a good sign because the bacteria came back (as e-coli) as slightly resistant to the antibiotic she is on.  She said since the round of antibiotics are almost complete(she takes the last dose in the morning) and she is getting better, we don't have to worry about it for now.  If she gets a fever or starts complaining of stomach pain again, she has to go back in to start a different antibiotic.  Lets just hope this one flushed everything out and she will continue to be better after the antibiotics are gone.

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