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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A trip to see Santa

All the previous years, we have always gone to the same Santa.  Last year, it was a different guy and he was horrible!  Not only did both girls cry but in the picture, he looks annoyed to be there.  This year we went with Shannon, Brooklyn and GB to Victoria Gardens.  This Santa was so good with the girls.  He asked them questions and gave them suckers, which won him big points, especially with Reece ( who was very unsure at first). The first picture is the best one we got. 
 This is cute because Cailey is holding Reece's hand but Reece wasn't looking at the camera.
 Before we left, taking pictures in their pretty dresses.

 Holding hands while walking to Santa's cottage.

 Playing while waiting for Santa to show up.

 Watching Santa come in and take his seat.
 After sitting with Santa, proudly eating their suckers.
 Playing through the glass with a little girl inside Picture People.

 Relaxing while deciding where we should go for our Ladies Lunch.

 While we waited for Lucille's to open, Cailey and Brooklyn danced.

 GB teaching them to take a bow when they are done.
 Reece just talked GB's ear off about dinosaurs, making up this whole story.  Every time GB walked away and came back Reece would say, "Ok so back to the dinosaurs..."

 Taking a bow like GB taught them.
 Watching the fountain before lunch.

The day was a nice one, full of fun memories.

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  1. Grandma- Yeah, the one year I couldn't go!!! :-( Those girls looked so cute. I'm so proud of them for not crying. They said they wouldn't!!