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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Vacation is here! Kevin and I each took a week off work for a little time to relax. Kevin went with Randy up to Kernville to camp, shoot, fish and just do boy things. The girls and I went up for Monday, Tuesday and left Wednesday morning. It was the perfect amount of time to go and the girls didn't get too bored.
Day 1- When we got up there Monday morning, the girls wasted no time getting acquainted with Megan and Emma. The small creek that ran between our camp and there's was perfect for playing in.Reece dumping water on Daddy.
Looking for clams......
Showing Uncle Randy her clams.
Lazy pups....
Everyone looking for clams.....
It was nice, in the heat, to just sit in the little river.
Practicing casting....
Randy and Kevin playing with the kids poles.
Eating fruit snacks.
The Kern River
All ready to fish!
Daddy teaching Reecie how to fish.....Tank!
Day 2- Reece had been coming to us with mysterious splinters in her fingers. They were small and very close to the surface, causing no pain or redness to her. We then figured out how she was getting them. She would run her hand along the wood fence (in the pictures above) and she ended up with two very large, very painful ones. It took Daddy and Mommy, with Uncle Randy going through the first aid kit, handing us supplies, to get them out. Reece cried and Daddy promised if she let him get them out, she could go and pick out an ice cream. She picked the most expensive, largest tub of Dibs they had.
Randy blew up all the tubes so the adults could go down the river in them. It was so fun. The girls enjoyed playing with them while he was blowing them up.
More playing in the water......Day 3: Breakfast!
Cailey said "Reece, lets make a funny face!"
Hanging out before we leave.
Being silly with Daddy.
Saying bye to Gunner.

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