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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Oasis Pool at Casino Morongo

Mommy and Aunt Stacy got gift certificates to the spa at Morongo for Christmas/Birthday. When we booked our appointments, free use of the pool all day was part of the spa experience. Kevin has a connection at the hotel so he was able to get the kids, Uncle Gordon and Granny wristbands for use of the pool for the day too. We went down and got there about 10, with Granny getting there shortly after. Eric and Elizabeth saw we were there and came down to join us for the day too. Stacy and Gordon got there shortly after that. We got a group of chairs in the shade and a bunch in the sun between the pool and the kiddie pool. We also spent a little time on the lazy river and one or two trips down the slide.
Love this... with all 3.....
Lazy river time....
Slide time
Cheyenne loved it and splashed away.
Reece fell asleep and we moved her to the shade where she took about an hour nap.
The kiddie pool was just the right height for her to stand in.Cousins....
Reece wanted to hold her.
It was a great day. We had lunch by the pool and spa treatments. The kids had a blast and were so worn out by the time we got home. We hope to do it again soon.

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