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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Madison's Birthday Party

Madison lives next door to us. She talks with Cailey through the fence. They throw things back and forth over the fence to "show" each other. We play together in the front yard. Madison turned 6 and she had her party at John's Incredible Pizza in Riverside. Like Chuck E. Cheese on crack as her mom described it. Perfect description. The girls had a blast with all the games they played in the party room, then playing with the video games and machines.
Going round and round to play limbo. Reece was crowned Limbo queen. I think because she was the smallest.
How low can you go?? They crawled and even scooted on their backs to get underneath. Sponge Bob cake!
Balloon animals and bracelets
Playing with balloons
He got mad when we called him Yogi Bear....
This train scared the crap out of Madison. It was jerky and looked like a rough ride. Lisa and I thought it was funny.
Happy Birthday Madison!

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