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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feels like Summer

On my first day off, it was beautiful outside. While Reece was taking a nap, Cailey and I went outside to practice taking pictures. Well, I took pictures and she played. My two favorites of her...This is my favorite of her and Tank. They both are smiling!
While out in the backyard, Cailey heard our neighbor Madison out in the front yard. After screaming back and forth, Cailey was begging to go out front. So we went out front to play. Reece woke up and wondered what the heck was going on.....
But she soon was all about it. It was in the 90's and the girls were playing in the hose. Reece had a skirt on that got wet and kept falling down, so we just took it off.
Over-exposed....."Swimming, pretending to be fish."

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  1. Grandma-- Love the sunglasses!!! And the swimming like fish! And Tank and Cailey 'smiling'.