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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pretty Dresses and Horses

While up in Ventura county, the girls and I met up with Kevin's cousin Katrina. The girls are going to be the flower girls in her wedding in May and we went to look at dresses for them.
The Winner!

After trying on dresses, we went over to Kevin's Aunt Terry and Uncle Will's house to have dinner and see family. Kevin's cousin Chris, his wife Lauren and his sister Jenn all came over to see Cheyenne and eat dinner with us. The girls wanted to ride the horse as soon as we got there so Katrina said she would take them out. The last time we were there, Cailey wanted nothing to do with it. She won't even go on the ponies at the pumpkin patch. I was shocked that she actually got on the horse and rode it around the arena a few times with Katrina, then by herself (with Katrina and Jake holding onto her). Reece loved riding the horse but when she decided she was done, she tried to get off where ever they were.

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